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 Hong Kong

Drone Flying Techniques Training Course

6 hours |  < 20 students

Operating professional drones like DJI Phantom, Inspire 2 or Mavic require multiple techniques and safety awareness. How to film cinematic aerial footage with top 5 panning skills? All these subtle but important techniques would be shared and trained by our professional instructors through a series of flying practices. 

Course Objective

To let students internalize the techniques of operating professional drones


DJI Tello (Edu)

DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Pro etc.

Smartphone / Tablet with DJI apps

Course Duration

6 hours (Outing can be included)

Learning Outcome

Thru intensive training of top 5 flying techniques, students can master the professional aerial filming skills with safety awareness to the surroundings and the aviation traffic. 

Target Students

Students starting from Primary 6, with curiosity in aerial filming

Skills acquire-able

Top 5 Cinematic Aerial Filming skills

Safety awareness, take-off checking procedures and precautions for emergency

Course Overview