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 Hong Kong

INSPIRE Education

We coach and inspire with technologies

Our Mission

What is unique but also challenging to STEM Education is its ever-changing content. But to Inspire, it is also a great flexibility for us to inject the latest cool content into each of our courses. Our fundamental mission is to let students explore and master some skillsets of industrial application. Our deeper mission is to Inspire our students and unleash their creativity and potential so as to enlighten their future of possible.

Up to 2020,

Inspire has delivered our professional education services to numerous institutes & Organizations across Hong Kong

Students Educated
Hours Instructed

Our team's diversity empowers our course variety. The instructors of Inspire are diligently preparing the best quality of teaching curriculum catering the curiosity of students. We also accommodate flexibility to tailor make each on-site course so as to fit the best interest of your school. 

Our Training Courses

Latest 2020
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Our professional instructors have been teaching for local Primary, Secondary schools, as well as universities.