Coxana Innovation

Coxana Innovation Limited是由一班熱愛無人機技術和創新科技教育的大學畢業生所創辦,我們的目標是以教育推動社會創新思潮,啓發年輕一代透過科技,創造無限可能。自2018年創辦以來,Coxana一直為不同機構及學校提供各項專業、創新的教育課程,包括無人機操控、多媒體創作、3D打印及產品設計課程等。


Alex Godskit

|| Founder & Director

|| Chief Instructor for Aerial Cinematography, Drone Advanced applications, Innovation Workshops


Experiences Highlight:

  • Consultant in HK Civil Aviation Department closed-door consultation for drone legislation

  • Chief Operator in Aerial Filming for movie 戒命人(2020)

  • Over 4-year quadcopters teaching experiences,, 600 students for 500 hours

  • Over 8-year experiences in Media Production and Hardware Innovation

  • Commercial or Volunteer Production services for Caritas, AIESEC, SKYPIX, HKUST,  HKU Medicine School, CSWCSS

Ericsson Ng

|| Co-founder

|| Instructor for Drone Advanced applications, Photogrammetry

Experiences Highlight:

  • Over 4-year quadcopters teaching experiences

  • Sophisticated in applying Photogrammetry technologies in Civil Engineering applications

Xavier Ho

|| Co-Founder

|| Creator in Graphic Design, UI, Multimedia

|| Instructor for Professional Design and editing


Experiences Highlight:

  • Over 5-year Content Creation Experiences, dedicated in Photography, Videography, Marketing and Graphic Design

Tay Wong

|| Co-founder

|| Digital Marketing and Creative Content Creator

|| Instructor for Drone Filming, Professional Photography and Videography

Experiences Highlight:

  • 3 years of experience in photography and aerial production

  • 1 year of experience in professional videographyCommercial service for clients including food, interior, aerial and event photography and film-making

Bobby Lam

|| Professional Photographer for Event, Portraits, Landscape and Interior


Experiences Highlight:

  • Over 5-year photography services for clients in Hong Kong and United Kingdom

Thomas Ting

|| Instructor for Product Design & 3D Printing

Adrian Wong

|| Professional Filming & Drone Instructor


Experiences Highlight:

  • Founder of Adrian Montage

  • More than 6-year experience in Media production over Hong Kong and Australia (Wedding, Commercials, Movie Production etc.)

Tommy Tong

|| Drone Operation Instructor

Experiences Highlight:

  • Core skills in Production Management, Creative Film and process improvement

  • Commercial UAS Operator with CDP-C License

  • Founder President of Association of Hong Kong Aerial Filming

Thomas Kwok

|| Instructor for Drone workshops

|| Aerial Film-Maker and Videographer for Event Production